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metal fabrication

Heating Ventilation &Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
At Cooling Tech, we bring an unsurpassed depth of knowledge to fabrication services. Being the only air conditioning industry in Grenada with a duct fabrication shop at our building location, our experienced craftsmen work closely with our customers to understand their needs and achieve their goals. We provide engineering support, outstanding customer service, and consistent product quality and on-time delivery of your valuable products.

Our customer sheet metal fabrication processes encompass modern technologies including fiberglass duct board, internally/externally insulated galvanized duct work and rigid foam laminated duct.

Our combination of new technology and an experienced engineering staff allow us to offer our customer metal fabrication services at competitive prices.

We Fabricate HVAC Sheet Metal For:
•Complete HVAC systems
•Clean room air systems or other custom ventilation systems
•HVAC Retrofits

We Provide:
• Dependable Service
•Experienced Design
•Fast Turn Around Times

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Dusty Highway
St. George
Grenada W.I. 


(473) 444-COOL (2665)
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